he work of Washington’s Sharon MacLeod makes me want to see more. PCDaily first featured her thin polymer clay bangles in January 2006, noting that her site was last updated in 2003. She signed the PCDaily guestbook this summer and sent the picture at the top right.

Elise Winters just sent in these pictures of Sharon’s bracelets that she recently purchased at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (click on the images for details).

Sharon has a distinctive, minimalist style and a sophisticated color palette. Her technique is a mystery. I guess we’ll have to keep piecing the clues together. Any help out there?

  • reply Melanie West ,

    When I first looked at the photos up close I was thinking image transfer. I wasn’t sure if it was the photo or the piece that was giving that impression. Then I did some reading on Sharon’s site and saw this… “I use digitally printed paper, polymer clay, and tubing…” I’m thinking she uses a technique similar to Bettina’s Snake bangles, but instead of cane work, she’s using image transfer. I’d love to know if she’s making her own patterns, or has a terrific source for images.

    Sharon, would you care to share? *pleading “puss-in-boots” look*

    Regardless of how Sharon does it, I’m VERY impressed! Just lovely! And the price!!!! Yikes! I’m tempted to buy one myself – and I’m up to my ears with bracelets. Lol!

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Ooops. It pays to read all the way through… here’s more:

      “Each piece is made individually and involves many steps: creating original art or altering and enhancing patterns from other sources, printing the paper, making the polymer clay pieces, gluing the paper to the clay and tubing, and assembling the components, incorporating metal elements, glass beads, and other materials. Multiple coats of matte varnish are brushed on to seal the paper surfaces, making the jewelry durable and water resistant.”

      Thanks, Sharon, for including this on your site. I am one of those folks that can’t rest until I figure out how something is done. Bravo on some terrific work!!!

      • reply Donna ,

        wow, these are gorgeous! I was just thinking about doing some wacky bangles. Interesting process, never would have guessed she’s gluing paper to clay. Now that I think about it, I did see these somewhere – hmmm….inspiration for wacky bangles? I think it must be. Great work!

        • reply Lynda ,

          I had already seen his creations, I did not know his name, and taking into consideration his work , I thought that it had painted on its creations.
          thank you for this article and to light my lantern !

          • reply Bianca ,

            I had seen the feature of Sharon’s bangles in 2006 here on PCC, I was also really intrigued by the thin colorful bangles. I really like the look of multiple thin bangles, so I tried to make my own with premo. But they brake to easily, I will try them once more with Kato.

            I think Sharon just use the polymer for the in between beads and dangles, not for the tubes. I guess after reading her description, she makes the tubes out thin printed paper that she rolls into a hollow tube? I don’t know if i’m right… oh please Sharon, would you share?

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