I don’t know much about this artist…Howard from Como, Italy…but thought we should tip our hats toward the Olympic hosts this week. This one’s called "Pocketbook".

Pongo is apparently the Italian version of polymer clay and Howard sculpts all kinds of delightful things. You can buy his images on cups and shirts in addition to his pongo pieces.

The comments on his site are hilarious…."I can’t believe you did a pongo of my pre-operative uterus Howard. How sweet." Only the Italians could bring us this art! We should all learn to be so playful.

  • reply Linda ,

    That was delightful! Thanks so much. I really enjoy your blog and thank you for the effort you put into it.

    • reply Julie ,

      I always check in with your site daily…this was just one of so many wonderful postings you list! I get so much inspiration from the wonderful things you find! Thanks so much!

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        • reply elise salim ,

          thank you so much!
          your blog is on my daily schedule ^^. really inspiring

          • reply howard ,

            Hey, thanks for featuring me in your post. It was nice to discover your blog — and all the other artists that you link to. Note on pongo: it’s actually plasticine and, woe unto me, never hardens and in the heat of summer, droops and comes apart… but there is something about the texture that I love and just can’t warm up to the polymers. oh well. P.S. yes, I love my commenters! P.P.S. though I’m in Como, Italy, I’m originally from NY and my readers are from all around the world. Thanks again, H

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