Portland, Oregon's Meredith Dittmar first started sculpting while trying to avoid getting her computer science degree. After graduating she worked as an interactive designer/programmer and her digital works have been shown in international film festivals, exhibits and magazines.

For the past ten years, she's put the digital realm on the backburner to pursue her three-dimensional passion. The first "guys" were made in 1994 when she discovered polymer clay.

Ever since that day, a steady flow has continued. Thousands have been created and no two were alike until the recent "clones" series. "Guys" are made out of premo and flexible sculpey.

They're quirky, colorful and fresh. And you can put them on your phone or watch a Converse Video (scroll through until you hit "Polymer Playground") of these creatures.

  • reply Christy ,

    Wow! Those are such fun 🙂 Thanks for pointing out her site.

    • reply elise salim ,

      i really adore her work, i get her link from converse, the video movie is just simple and great
      i like her guy too, they have their own characteristic
      thank you for this post, u remind me to the great artist

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