Another male in our midst

Jon Anderson’s "FimoCreations" is an Arizona family business that’s been around for over ten years. A prolific artist, Jon’s animal sculptures appear in galleries all around the country. His animals are densely covered with exceptionally intricate cane work in muted colors.

His work is nicely photographed on his web site and it’s a pleasure to browse. Thanks to Robin Johnston for bringing the site to our attention.

  • reply Christie ,

    I had the pleasure of seeing his work, in person, in Denver. Even got to HOLD a couple small pieces! It’s amazing! Really really amazing.

    • reply Carl Johengen ,

      Jon’s work is AMAZING in person! I’ve seen it in a couple of shops and galleries in the southwest (Santa Fe, also in Phoenix area) while visiting family down there. Nice to be reminded of it.

      Love the site – keep up the wonderful work!


      • reply Janice ,

        Beautiful! I would love to see these. I love the colors and details.

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