Polymer Meets Photoshop

It’s a weird Friday so I’m going with this theme…weird. Organic meets polymer clay. The effects are computer-generated but it looks very much like polymer.

Doesn’t this short video (click here and then press the arrow to start it) just remind you of FordForlano pieces? Lindly’s pods and tendrils? Jeffrey Dever?

The new Google video stuff is exciting and I’m absolutely thrilled at the possibilities. Hang onto your hats, ladies and gents, there’s some interesting stuff ahead.

A mind-stretching Friday. Call me crazy. Have a lovely weekend.

  • reply Kevin Buntin ,

    THAT was spectacular!!!!!! And all those little special effects were built from polymer clay!? Viva la clay!!!!!

    • reply Melissa ,

      That was a really neat video. Thanks! Your site is a great inspiration.

      • reply Valerie Aharoni ,

        Hi Cynthia,
        Where did you find this? A beautifully done video. I am not so sure it is polymer clay.

        • reply Julie ,

          omg!!! I couldn’t take my eyes off anything…thanks so much for the eye candy…

          • reply Sarajane Helm ,

            wonderful video! Who made it, please? The music fits it well too—I’m sending the link to my son in Film School, and we’d very much like to know who did it…

            • reply SL ,

              That is creepy and stunning all at once. Not polymer clay at all but CGI. By a great CGI house Called 1st Avenue Machine

              Check out there Website http://www.1st-ave-machine.com/

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