Joyce Fritz is one of those polymer artists without a site (sigh). Luckily Susan Rose found Joyce’s work in the Niche Magazine catalog and brought it to my attention. Joyce is famous for her exquisite bugs…take a look.

Friday’s post and video clip generated a lot of interest. As SL Savarick points out, the video is from an up and coming studio in NYC called 1st Avenue Machine. You’ll be seeing a lot of their work, I’m sure. Here’s how RES magazine describes this piece which is the video for the music "Sixes Last" by Alias.

Reflecting Arvind Palep’s fascination with the disappearing boundaries between organic and constructed life, the video questions the long-term effects of widespread genetic engineering while simultaneously creating a gorgeous array of futuristic life forms. …the clip depicts strangely familiar, remarkably active plants with perfectly formed petals and stems, moving to the song’s beat.

  • reply Sarajane Helm ,

    T’was SL that supplied the name…I just asked! And thanks for posting the answer, as well as for all the wonderful things you show here. I appreciate your efforts, and check in every day!

    • reply Marsha Markle ,

      The Niche magazine site also has a couple of other polymer clay artists that may interest your readers. Linda and john Whitney and Gwen Pina display works on

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