Not your mother’s earrings

The construction and colors of Susan Samitz’ earrings and necklaces are a wonderful departure from the norm. Very Jetsons. Very retro. Vermonter Susan says she’s been working in polymer clay since 1988 and she was pointed out to me by the ever-vigilant, super-googler Susan Rose.

Both Susans are great finds.

This feels like a good recovery from yesterday’s blunder. Several of you assure me that David Urso does indeed use resin to fabricate his jewelry. My mistake. Still, his pieces are lovely to look at…and could be made using polymer clay. Thanks for the clarification.

  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

    Samitz is even better in person — I got a pair of her earrings years ago at the annual League of New Hampshire Craftsmen fair (at Mount Sunupee in August.) (I guess she lives close enough to the border to be a member.) She used to use a lot of niobium wire, probably still does.

    About Urso — heck, if we have trouble telling the difference, it’s obviously fair game in the inspiration department, and that’s one big reason for visiting you daily!! No worries!

    • reply Garlinda Price ,

      I love the colors of the earrings and the uniqueness. I am not new to polymer clay but when I see other peoples beautiful work I realize I have not even scratched the suface of my imagination. Thank you for the chance to respond, Garlinda Price

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