Chicago’s Geraldine Newfry is crazy for books and polymer and collage. It all totals up to some wonderful artwork. I won’t pretend to understand how she does the binding but it’s impressive and quite nicely explained in this series of pictures.

Read more about her work and her classes on her web site. And as a bonus there are some pictures of her studio (I love to look).

Robin Johnston unearthed this web treasure! Thanks!

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      There was a great article about her work and her technique in a recent issue of “Cloth, Paper, Scissors” (magazine). She uses layers of liquid polymer clay with various other media and techniques to create her some of her pages.

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        Wow! Thanks so much for the links to Geraldine’s books. I just took a bookbinding class on Tuesday at our local museum and thought to myself how dangerous it was to get into another medium…
        But now… clay + books how can I go wrong?
        Thanks again.

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          Thanks for the mention! I wrote a trackback in my blog. I had never done that before, and for some reason I had the idea that it would show up in your comments. But, I guess not.

          The book you show is bound with a Japanese stab binding. On most of my books I do a paired needle Coptic stitch, which is similar to the link in the comment above, but it uses at least 2 needles. I usually use 6 needles when sewing an average sized book.

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            polymer clay daily…

            I’m trying out my first trackback. I was thrilled to see my books featured today in polymer clay daily. The book in question is created with polymer clay paper and bound with a Japanese stab binding. It was featured in…

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