If you’re like me, you need a bit of a boost to start your week right and Barb Kobe’s site is sure to do the trick. The doll shown here is her Creativity Shaman, she who builds links to creativity. Barb, who is based in Minneapolis, makes art dolls, therapeutic dolls and puppets that nurture personal growth and healing. She uses a variety of materials, including polymer clay, to create shape, color, textures and moods for her dolls.

Some of her inspirations come from other cultures’ spiritual and healing symbols. Other inspiration comes from words, her art journals, nature, and her healing process. She uses sticks, roots, materials from nature, clay, fibers and painted fabric.

Her site is dense with images and explanations. If your internet connection can handle it, I recommend that you download her slideshow (it’s a 5Mb .pdf file) which is a fascinating read about her process.

Thanks to Carol Simmons for the link. Happy Monday.

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