No, Tiffany & Co. is not selling polymer jewelry but their new collaboration with architect Frank Gehry is quite remarkable and it’s fun to look at on the site (click on the Frank Gehry Collection link). Gehry calls his six new jewelry shapes torque, fish, orchid, fold, equus and axis.

It’s interesting that organic shapes similar to Gehry’s have already surfaced in our polymer clay community.

Watching how these designers play with the materials (there’s an 8-minute movie) is educational and makes me reexamine my thinking and designing process. Food for thought.

  • reply Adelie ,

    Thank you so much for that “food for thought” (and for your blog in general, by the way) !

    • reply Amy Wallace ,

      I saw a segment about his collaboration with Tiffany’s on last Sunday’s “Sunday Morning”. Seeing his 5 or 7 themes of design ( I can’t remember them!) were certainly useful. I wish I wrote them down! I know “fold” was one of them though.

      • reply Jenn Dorion ,

        gotta laugh – I work for TCO, and the launch of this collection has been an intriguing & inspiring one for me to be able to see.

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