Talking about France yesterday got me in a traveling mood so I took a mini-vacation to France via the web. Madeleine Songe's site shows her polymer jewelry that reflects the romantic abandon that I enjoy in French designs.

Following Madeleine's links (liens) feels like a trip down a quaint back alley. The links take you to her community of friends.

I'm a bit anxious today and this was the perfect dalliance…a look at the larger world to make me look beyond my small one.

  • reply dominique ,

    son âme est aussi belle que ses créations, son blog est un refuge de douceur et de poésie,

    • reply Linda ,

      A good tool to use for translating: go to and click on the “Translator” link. You can paste text into the box and use the drop down menu to select French to English. It gives a fairly accurate translation and works for several different languages.

      • reply Hello Kitty ,

        I already knew her work, it’s really awesome!

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