The winners in the Bead and Button "Bead Dreams" competition, polymer clay category have just been announced. Looks like you can't view the winners on the Bead and Button site until next week but here they. Congratulations to all.

It's grand to be getting so many comments from abroad. I've been using Alta Vista Babelfish for translations which are often quite quirky. You get the gist of the comments and have to guess at the entire meaning. Linda Crocco wrote to suggest as a better alternative.

I may be able to hear you better in any language after yesterday's surgery on my ear. All went well and I'm rather proud of my temporary Van Gogh look. Finally, I'm a real artist! Have a great weekend.

  • reply Jeanne Dumond ,

    Dear Cynthia,
    Hope it was nothing serious with the ear! I like the new look though. There for a minute I thought it was a new fad!
    Feel better,

    • reply Loretta Lam ,

      Talk about an avant garde fashion statement! WOW. Hope the recovery is quick and pain free and that you’re back on your ‘ears’ again real soon. All the best – loretta

      • reply Michelle Davis Petelinz ,

        Best wishes for a speedy recovery; glad to see you’re still smiling!

        • reply Katerina Musetti ,

          Cynthia, I’m late in responding, but holding you in my thoughts! Heal up! Katerina

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