Wow…lots of comments yesterday. Everyone has the book but me! That drives me crazy because I thought I was being so diligent by ordering it early in December. You all tell me that this often happens with Amazon. Who knew?

Since I'm in a rush to get to the bookstore, I'll leave you with a homegrown Sandra McCaw demo. She may kill me for publishing these 10-year-old pictures but they tickle me. I took the photos at an early Shrinemont conference. Note that the gradation was done in a "pre-Skinner" way (see the individually wrapped colors in the next-to-the-last picture). Remember how we used to blend the color for each layer separately? Bless you, Judith Skinner.

The demo shows three blocks of graduated colors. Sandra then began by slicing and swapping slices between the blocks. She reduced and recombined the resulting blocks in various ways. I hope you get the idea. And I hope I'm not in too much trouble with cover-girl Sandra. She's in the middle of a move right now so perhaps she'll miss today's post. I'm off to the bookstore.

  • reply Judy Belcher ,

    Cynthia, I though I was being smart too, but here I sit…no book, WAAAAA! I did talk to cover girl the other night, and she told me all the wonderful things in the book! The “demo” is fabulous! I will send you the picture of “hot Sandy” from Greenbrier to make up for that last shot! Hope your feeling well! Hugs, Judy

    • reply Luann Udell ,

      Kudos to Sandra for making the cover! Her work IS beautiful.

      • reply Sandra McCaw ,

        Just because I’m moving doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention! And making these canes has made me cross-eyed and goofy.

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