New Jersey Chickens

Doreen Gay-Kassel has illustrated many stories and books in polymer clay (check out her list of stellar clients). She's adding these wonderful clay and wire sculptures which she calls "polymorphs" to her repertoire. And she'll be giving classes in her Hopewell, New Jersey studio.

Doreen's site is a treat and I can't wait to see what her poly morphs into. Thanks to Louise Fischer-Cozzi who sent Doreen our direction.

  • reply sari0009 ,

    Oh! Took one look at those chickens, and I’m in loooooooove with them! ha ha

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Tae a look at her came, “Clay Mania”. Something I would have loved to play when I was a kid. Hey, wait a minute – I’d love to play it now! ;D

      • reply Dee ,

        I LOVE those chickens…I wonder how big they are? She’s amazing to be so talented in drawing and scupture…

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