I've looked for more information on Ai-ping Yeh who has been teaching her "closed form box" pin method for a couple of years. There's very little about her on the web. Perhaps students of hers can fill me in. Here are pictures from her June class in Philadelphia.

I learned from web bits and pieces that she "has worked in polymer clay for eight years, is a member of the South Bay Polymer Clay Guild and received a MA in jewelry design in 1991."

Her forms are intriguing with their depth, angles, curves, windows and holes…there's a lot happening in a little space. I'd like to know more. Glass Attic has a long description of Ai-ping's method that you might find helpful.

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    Ai-Ping is an extremely talented artsit. She gave ademo at Ravensdale 2002 at Evergreen on how she makes the hollow constructed forms. The method she uses includes multiple bakings and is very similar to how a metalsmith would construct hollow boxes. What makes her pieces so special is not the construction as much as the sense of playfulness with the tension between the outer surfaces and the ability to see things inside coupled with her sensitive use of color. I am lucky enough to have one of her fabulous hollow beads.

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