Be sure to look for the September issue of Art Jewelry Magazine. PCDaily gets a mention in the sidebar of an article by Ronna Weltman called "A Rarefied Medium: Polymer clay is now on the A-list for wearable art."

From an earlier Art Jewelry Magazine's "gallery" section, this description of Celie Fago's multimedia bracelet which is made of polymer clay, metal clay, acrylic paint, brass, and sterling silver. "Polymer clay and metal have a relationship of mutual benefit," Fago says. "Metal offers weight, both actual and aesthetic. Polymer clay adds richness of color." Good explanation.

  • reply Judy Belcher ,

    congrats on the mention! Thanks to Ronna for giving well deserved recognition to a unique space on the net that shows the world how fabulous polymer clay is! Thank you, thank you Cynthia Tinapple for our morning fix!
    Judy Belcher

    • reply Kim Cavender ,

      Just got my copy in the mail yesterday and can’t wait to sit down and read the article. The artwork is gorgeous and I was thrilled to see Cynthia’s wonderful website mentioned in a sidebar.

      Kim Cavender

      • reply carissa nichols ,

        Cynthia- I am so glad for you. I am going out today and grab the magazine so I can brag about you at work on Monday. I have sent your link to over 100 people at least! Keep up the always GREAT work.
        Hope your ear is doing ok!

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