Joan Tayler, a Vancouver, B.C. artist, creates these wonderful small birds which she had on display at Ravensdale. She placed the raven at the center of this commissioned piece in tribute to the event. I'd call these lovely little creatures by their proper name, fetis_es, but you would not believe how much spam results from a word like that.

Joan's work captures the flavor of the northwest and her birds and fish are beautifully rendered. Visit Joan's website for more pictures and info.

  • reply Jana Roberts Benzon ,


    Thank you for highlighting Joan Tayler…..WOW! I’m so impressed by her work and would love to see more. And, thank you for providing this service here….otherwise we’d probablly not know of such talented people as Joan..


    • reply Jenn Dorion ,

      I had the pleasure of meeting Joan last week, and even have one of her amazing ravens as a souvenir of the conference. What a lovely & talented person she is! Thanks for featuring her.

      • reply Leslie Blackford ,

        Those little birds are fantastic! I really would love to have that necklace! I am going right to her website to see more!
        Thanks for sharing!~leslie

        • reply patsy ,


          OK… just when I thought it was safe LOL…. this site is NEVER a ‘quickie’

          so I grab the coffee — even at 4pm– sit back & enjoy!

          yummmy stuff

          thanks for bringing her to our ‘collective’ attention :>


          • reply carissa nichols ,

            Remind me to tell you the story of what happened when my friend very innocently sent me some attachments that Baa’d and Moo’d when you opened them. The the e-mails and pop-ups of course appeared on our WORK computers. It took us MONTHS to live that down. Every time we walked into a meeting we were met with a chorus of animal calls and interesting suggestions… i understand your hesitation is using the “F” word. It’s a pity because that necklace is a perfect example of the genre. Thanks again for sharing so much. Really makes me want to hit Ravensdale!

            • reply Marcia ,

              I love little things, and Joan’s little creatures are so charming. Joan wears a Raven whistle that is really cool. I was lucky to have her make me a special little dog just like mine, it hangs as a zipper pull on my purse.

              • reply Jeannie Havel ,

                This is one of my favorite postings you’ve given us so far. Joan’s work sings to my spirirt and gives me all sorts of treasures to start saving my pennies for. Thanks, Cynthia!

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