Milwaukee's Debra DeWolff started out as a fiber artist, adding polymer to her repertoire a few years back. At Ravensdale she showed these very popular bracelets that combine felt and polymer clay beads. The felt beads are large and the colors bright…definitely diva attire.

Debra says that her web site will soon be in the works. In the meanwhile, you'll have to settle for these pictures or contact her for more information.

  • reply Libby Mills ,

    Debra’s work is so fantastic and playful. She is such a lovely person too! Thanks for featuring her. I hope she gets her web site online soon.

    • reply dalit ,


      So pretty!!

      • reply Corinne ,

        the periwinkle version of these GORGEOUS bracelets had me sitting up and saluting. as a long-time quilt artist i feel drawn to the fiber side of this work while as a newcomer to clay it doesn’t look totally ‘un-doable’ .

        i can’t wait to see a web site for this artist! hopefully she’ll have one up and running soon. more, more, more!

        • reply Joy Davis ,

          Debra’s work blows me away, it’s so
          unique with the most fantastic colors
          She truly inspires any artist in any

          • reply Cherie ,

            Wow love. These had me reaching for the felt and fimo. Thanks for inspiring me to try something new

            • reply elsa carrillo ,

              Hola es desde VENEZUELA soy una persona que haces de todo tipo de manualidades pero,por ahora hago collares y es un trabajo magnifico me encantaria aprender esta tecnica como haria?

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