On Geraldine Newfry's blog, she shares the slides of her newest handmade books (scroll way down on her page). She's submitted them to Lark for inclusion in 500 Handmade Books. This one's called "Beloved" and is single sheet coptic bound with pages and covers made of polymer clay.

I loved reading through Geraldine's blog, going on virtual retreat with her then looking at all her Flickr pictures. There are so many cool artists with great stories on the web. It's a wonder I get anything done.

Thanks to Margaret Donnelly for the tip. Be sure to check out Margaret's "Sampler."

  • reply Geraldine Newfry ,

    thanks cynthia! i just wanted to mention that they are not really altered books. i start from scratch. i created a few altered books several years ago with friends, but didn’t use polymer at all. after taking a break from them, i think i am going to begin to use some text blocks from existing books to incorporate into my handmade books. so maybe i’m coming full circle!

    • reply Denise Graham ,

      Geraldine, I just adore your site and blog. I could spend hours reading and looking, and certainly will. You are a gifted gal. The books are marvelous

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