I want to spend the day looking at this site but I have no time. Carrotbox is totally kewl and I hope you can luxuriate there. The author has a "ring thing" and the site contains some of the features I plan to add here in the next few months. A great big thanks to Columbus' Donna Reed, who was reviewed on the site (look at April 5) , for putting me onto this one!

Here's one from Carrotbox. I know it's resin and not polymer but it's a terrific idea. These resin "wobble" rings contain magnets. The detachable magnetic pebbles allow you to pile on whatever sizes and colours suit your mood. This "wearable toy" jewellery is the brainchild of Edinburgh's Kaz Robertson, one third of the Diverse Workshop group of designers.

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    Re Carrotbox “wobble” rings:
    The rings look like great fun but please be aware that small, colorful magnets can be very attractive to children and can present a great danger if swallowed. If they clump together in the way that magnets do they have the potential to block the intestine. There was a recall of a toy this past year because that problem occurred.

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