The topic of intensity seems to have struck a chord with readers. Take a look at a couple more along the same line. Harriet Estel Berman creates bracelets from tin cans and Kate Cusack makes pins from zippers. It's the "vision thing" that speaks loudly. These artists are following their own creative impulses and aren't waiting for the next new technique.

Since it's back-to-school time, here's one for homework. Visit the site of the Plastics Historical Society. The next time you're asked about when polymers were discovered, you'll be able to answer with confidence.

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    […] i first saw kate cusack’s zipper pins on polymer clay daily last year and i thought the pins were one of those simple-yet-brilliant ideas. take a look at what this innovative artist is doing with zippers now! her one of a kind zipper necklaces are elegant and sophisticated – not words usually associated with the ‘fascinating fasteners’, as she calls them. […]

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