I usually stay away from the techniques and products side of polymer clay art but this tip was just too good to miss. The clank of the pasta machine handle hitting the floor is a familiar (and annoying) one.

Thanks to Debbie Woznick of Denver's Mile High Guild you may never hear that sound again. All you need is one of those strong magnets which come in the same diameter as the handle. Put the magnet on the end of the handle and insert it into the machine.

The magnet may fight you a bit as you approach the machine but with a little coaxing, it works. Supergluing the magnet to the handle is probably a good idea. I love a simple, elegant solution. Thanks, Debbie.

  • reply Sabine Alienor ,

    Thanks for this excellent idea!
    Sabine Alienor

    • reply Julie ,

      OMG! The simplest answer is always the best! Debbie is a genius…thanks!

      • reply Doreen ,

        Wow! What a great idea! I’ve heard the clank of the pasta machine handle hitting the floor too many times! Thank you, Debbie!


        • reply Jeannie Havel ,

          Brilliant!! Thanks.

          • reply Kerstin ,

            Thank you very much for this brilliant idea!

            And for this blog as well. I`m visiting it almost daily…


            • reply Ulrike ,

              I’ll just go and look for a magnet, this moment, hope I’ll find a fitting one. Thanks.

              • reply Cindy ,

                I have another idea for you that works for me. I put masking tape around the end and shoved it into the hole. It hasn’t come out yet.

                • reply bbulle ,

                  top super !! thank you very much!

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                    • reply Jeanne Dumond ,

                      You can find magnets the right size at The Container Store. They are called Mighty Mites or something and are like 16 for $12.99. That way you can buy a card and almost half of your guild could chip in and everyone would benefit. Superglueing them is probably a good idea as the magnets tend to want to leap off the end of the handle for the larger piece of metal that is the machine.

                      • reply Debbie Woznick MHPCG ,

                        I purchased Power Magnets 10 per package from Hobby Lobby for $2.99 per package. and if you purchase any products I sell on EBAY from me the rest of this month, I will send you one magnet free with your order.

                        • reply Sera ,

                          I’m sure it was this site that prompted me to cut off the finger of a latex glove and put it on the handle of my PM. It stays happily in its hole, and yet can be removed with ease for transporting.

                          Voila! Never a clash-clatter-bang-scare-the-cat since!


                          • reply ruth ,

                            appluse! so simple, so clever!!

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