"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art."

Leonardo Da Vinci

And a couple of links to intense sites (here and here). It's been a frantic day that needs some calm.

  • reply Wendy Moore ,

    Hello Cynthia,
    What amazing sites. Lindsay’s positively encourages mindful reflection doesn’t she! Mine is just a little voice from the unknown (Downunder specifically!) to say an enormous thank you for your wonderful site which is a source of ongoing joy and inspiration. Even in “franticness” you minister to our need for beauty and creativity. Thank you. I hope you find lots of calm!

    • reply yolie ,

      I’ve been enjoying your blog for weeks and was so tickled to see this Da Vinci quote which I’ve never seen before! I think I may have to adopt it.
      The links you provide are deliciously inspirational. Thank you!

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