Where does truth lie?

I live in Ohio for heaven's sake and of course I'm nervous about tomorrow's election. I need a distraction. I've got just the whacko thing for a whacko Monday.

This video (see the MySpace link below) of Seattle's Michael Leavitt's polymer clay poseable action art figures is wonderfully entertaining. To the left you see his Van Gogh with detachable ear and starry night palette.

According to Leavitt, "Truth lies in pure entertainment and simple beauty." Take a look and then spend some time on his web site. Pure entertainment, for sure.

  • reply Trina Williams ,

    So glad to see that Bonnie Bishoff and her husband are still creating wonderful furniture. I took a class from her at
    Ravensdale ’98 (that long ago??!!) One of the best canes I ever made.

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