When we left our vacationers, Maggie was resurrecting 20 pounds of Fimo which she had mixed into colorful blocks 10 years ago for a grand production plan that was interrupted by a household move and other of life's vagaries. It seemed a shame to waste all that clay which at one point was lost in the depths of a warm warehouse.

You'll be happy to know that the old crumbly "Terrazzo" canes were being turned into stunning pins and earrings. I'm only sorry that I didn't have time to take more pictures. Perhaps Maggie will send some. Yes, indeed, you can salvage very old polymer clay.

I'm back from the wild west and into the land of green grass, moist air and blessed broadband. Today it's also the land of laundry and voicemail and catching up at the office. I hope to be back in the swing tomorrow.

  • reply Peg Harper ,

    I won’t hold my breath waiting for Maggie to send photos. She’s just so busy!
    An art store owner once gifted me with several lbs of Fimo that was out of condition. I spent a whole summer conditioning it and setting it up in kits for the students at the summer day care to make bugs and aliens and cover pens. It was worth the work!
    Peg Harper

    • reply Maggie Maggio ,

      Hi Peg – You are right – I probably won’t send a photo anytime soon. Not because I am too busy – well that is part of it – but because I can never find my camera when I want to shoot something. And, yes, I did look under all the scrap clay!

      • reply barb harper ,

        Hi Cynthia,
        I feel like we’re best friends since I check PCD as much as my mail. Thanks for all your efforts putting it together. Every day is now an adventure in PC.
        A big Hello to Maggie.
        I’ve been working on faux rocks and just realized that the Terrazzo method would work wonderfully for this. Most grateful for the inspiration.
        Happy Turkey Day to all.
        Barb Harper

        • reply Barb Alexander ,

          Maggie, I love your “Terrazzo” method. How can I find out how to do it? Thank you. (Enjoyed your color class with Lindly at Ravensdale in August.)

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