I love this wall sculpture by Christi Friesen so very like our family gatherings this time of year. You may be able to identify some of your relatives in the shrunken heads section of Christi's site.

Remember to be charitable and tolerant of one and all and give thanks for those differences that make our world and our art so varied.

I recommend Christi's wonderful self-published books. They're inexpensive, well designed, instructional and a great read (good gifts).

  • reply Teena ,

    I love her books, they are very informative. I have learned alot from both of the books that I have so far.
    Her web site is awesome.
    Cristi is a fantastic artist.

    • reply darleen aka "claypimp" ,

      Christi is a dear friend of mine and has taught at my home studio in Nh. We cannot wait for her to come back in February of 2007. if yiu have a chance to take a workshop with her do not pass up the chance! Also get the books…great reading!

      • reply christi Friesen ,

        Hey all! A friend mentioned that this blog had this very nice comment on my work and I just had to come and check it out. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the post and the kind words — thanks to polymer clay daily for the nice comments – and to Teena and Darleen for adding such a nice “two cents worth”. The polymer clay world rocks!

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