More than 90 polymer artists contributed fabric pattern swatches to the new book by Sarajane Helm and Judith Skinner. The book is now available most easily from Lulu books and also from Sarajane's site.

The book I ordered won't arrive until nearly Christmas (note: it only took two days and came on December 12) but it was great fun to scroll through all the samples in their slideshow. Be prepared, the slides run slowly and it only seems to work in Explorer. The artists responsible for the works above are Margie Drake, Dayle Doroshow, Nancy Osbahr, Margie Drake, Mags Bonham, Barb Harper and Leigh Ross.

With all the new techniques that have come out, I'm pleased to see that caning of this quality lives on. Congrats to Judith and Sarajane for birthing this baby.

  • reply Sarajane Helm ,

    How lovely it is to see this featured here! And Cynthia contributed a wonderful bolt herself, y’all. See it in the slide show.
    The “fabric” bolts shown here(L-R) are made by:
    Margie Drake, Dayle Doroshow
    Nancy Osbahr, Margie Drake
    Mags Bonham, Barb Harper, Leigh Ross
    Thank you very much for having us here at PolymerClayDaily.
    (and I am right this minute waiting for books to arrive for signing and mailing TODAY!!!)
    Sarajane Helm

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      […] Judith Skinner(of the essential Skinner Blend technique) and her have just launched their book Adapting Quilt Patterns to Polymer Clay. Sarajane has a promotional powerpoint slideshow on her site with a nice musical score by her husband. The sideshow itself doesn’t work well for me – seems to be restricted to more recent versions of IE – but I was able to beg for another version that did work. Cynthia Tinapple also has some photos in a post to her blog. […]

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