Washington's Ellen George's works make me gush and babble. They're so beautiful and so in tune with this week's theme of moving forward with our work. Ellen says, "I stay improvisational, enjoying the surprise of one shift leading to another." She is known for her light, organic, abstract sculptures of modest scale and articulate execution. Her forms are familiar, yet ultimately exotic.

She has exhibited large-scale pieces that are made of hundreds of small components, at the Tacoma Art Museum, Interstate Fire House, and the Archer gallery. Her work has been exhibited in Massachusetts, California, Illinois, Florida and Texas as well as the Pacific Northwest. Ellen George is included in the Collections of the Tacoma Art Museum, Museum of East Texas and King County Public Collection.

A heartfelt thanks to Susan Rose for this inspirational link.

  • reply Nancy Travers ,

    This is really awesome stuff!

    • reply judy kuskin ,

      ellen george!! where have you been hiding? this is very exciting work.

      and susan rose….what is your searching secret? how do you uncover so many wonderful sites? thanks for sharing.

      and cynthia….you have really made a difference with this blog. i think i speak for many when i say you have lifted our creative spirits!

      gratefully yours…

      • reply Grant Diffendaffer ,

        What a pleasant surprise! Hiding indeed. Some of it reminds me of the work of another Oregon Artist, Hilary Pfeifer. You can see her work here: http://www.hilarypfeifer.com/ Excellent work in both instances.

        And I agree–thanks Cynthia! I read it every day!


        • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

          Remarkable work. Organic and fluid, and it’s often slightly off-balance qualities give it an interesting tension.

          Love reading this site and wandering around the internet, viewing all the great finds!

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