I love it when humble materials are given new life and utility as they are in these new polymer clay pieces by Maggie Maggio. Maggie repurposes buna cord as earring bails and as stretchy ring bands…a bit of a twist on the technique devised by Donna Kato for her pendants and bracelets.

The rubber o-rings give the treatment uniformity and add to the finished look. 

These are from Maggie's Terrazo series of new designs from resurrected 10-year-old canes

I'm pondering the past year and the one ahead…hence my daliance and dabbling of the past few days. I expect to be hit with some outstanding predictions and revelations at any moment. Ponder these lovely designs as you await enlightenment.

  • reply Marcy Hegglund ,

    I’ve been searching for assistance in locating tube bails the ends of which can be inserted into pendants (not the clip style). Also, I’m seeking information on choosing among the numerous materials for hanging pendants. Any suggestions?

    • reply Waikato belle ,

      I love these earrings. I have just recently got a bunch of buna cord in both 2 and three mm from a chinese supplier. I just wish I could find an O ring wholesaler selling the 2mm and 3mm o rings to go with them

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