This Flickr link charts the growth of Tatana (Natalia García de Leániz) from Madrid, Spain.

What strikes me about this young artist’s work is that even when she’s taking a class from Dan Cormier or Judy Kuskin or Jeff Dever and the resulting work is naturally derivative, Natalia’s own voice comes through loud and clear.

It’s wonderful that there’s no question that this is not the work of the teacher but rather an homage to the teacher with her own story shining through the design and the palette. It takes confidence to make that happen. Hats off to Natalia as she finds her voice in polymer clay.

  • reply Judy Belcher ,

    Hat’s off indeed! Natalia is the kind of person that you meet once, and her personality, workmanship, and creativity make a lasting impression. She inspires me everytime I look at her work.

    • reply Irene ,

      Wow!! I’m so happy to see natalia here!! 🙂 She really is a wonderful artist and person! 🙂

      • reply Tatana ,

        Wow! Judy, thanks soooo much, you are not just such a great artist but a wonderful person!!!
        And thanks to Cynthia, it is a dream to be featured on polymerclaydaily!!! You do a wonderful and valuable work for clayers all over the world!

        • reply Sarajane Helm ,

          Natalia has several pieces of he rwork shown in the Gallery section of our new book “Adapting Quilt Patterns to Polymer Clay”, and Judith Skinner and I are VERY pleased to have her work included. There are a lot of new up-and-coming polymer clay artists, and she’s certainly one of them!

          • reply Donna ,

            Natalia’s work is as wonderful as she is. In it, her personality just shines! She’s leading a very exciting polymer clay movement in Spain. She’s just amazing.

            • reply Tatana ,

              Thank you so much!!!
              I haven’t enough words to thank you for your words. You really made my day. well, my day? Yuo made at least my month!!!! 🙂

              • reply Trina Williams ,

                It was great to meet Natallia and her husband at Ravensdale and see him turn into a clay convert and then get to take the Bead Strand home to Spain!

                • reply Kim Cavender ,

                  Natalia’s work is both beautiful and inspiring due to her extraordinary sense of design and color. I’m looking forward to seeing more wonderful things from her in the future. I’m so glad that her work was featured here so everyone can enjoy it.
                  Congratulations Natalia!

                  • reply Nadja ,

                    Congratulations Natalia! Wonderful to see your work here! Way to go! ;o)

                    • reply Dan Cormier ,

                      Spot on, Cynthia. For me as a teacher, there is no greater thrill than when a sudent takes the tools you’ve given them and uses them to stunning effect in their own work. Natalia has a real passion for learning, but also trusts her own voice, making it a joy to teach her and watch her grow as a unique artist. She’s also such a warm, energetic, and super positive person, and these traits are clearly on display in her wonderful collection of dynamic pieces. Congratulations Natalia! Kudos as well to Dani, Natalia’s greatest supporter, chief Wookie, and all around great guy!

                      • reply Kim Cavender ,

                        • reply Alison Gallant ,

                          Natalia, what beautiful work! You certainly deserve everything that has already been said. I’m so glad you and Dani came to the Bead Fair all those years ago and asked about polymer clay. We’re hoping to see you both at Polydays later this year.

                          • reply Daniel ,

                            Thank you so much for all your love and great comments to Natalia, dear friends. I can tell you she is so moved by your comments she’s hardly been able to speak since yesterday! Thank you so very much for your warm words, Cynthia. Natalia is in fact not only one of the most creative and original artists I’ve ever met, but also one of the hardest workers. She’ll be up every single day, seizing every minute till way past midnight, learning, creating and innovating in her work… I just admire her so much. And for her -and for me indeed-, having had the chance to meet you all has just meant making life three times as worthy. Being in contact with you, your art, your passion, and feeling ‘part of the family’ thanks to your love, is just the perfect way to celebrate life, beauty and friendship every day. So thank you so, so very much for being who you are, see you all at home in Spain whenever you want -the sooner the better- and, again, congratulations, Tatana!

                            • reply althy ,

                              Natalia, I am in agreement with all the commentaries that have put to you. Your work is impressive, follows thus.

                              • reply celinda ,

                                What can I say that you should not have said already?… Who we know Tatana we admire as artist and as person because she has a few divine hands and a golden heart. You will come far, Tatana!

                                • reply Jenn ,

                                  Brava Cynthia for recognizing Natalia’s spirit and talent, and even moreso, Brava to Natalia for doing exactly what she’s doing. These days, we see so many people who don’t look outside a very closed box, and it’s so refreshing to see an artist who has her eyes and mind wide open.

                                  • reply Helen Hughes ,

                                    Congrats to Natalia!
                                    Natalia and Daniel were such a joy to meet and get to know while at Ravensdale. I feel honored to know them both and was happy to see them get the Bead Strand. Cynthia, your explanation of Natalia’s work is exactly how I think of her work, using her knowledge into her own unique style.

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