How is it that "voice" comes through in an artist’s work? This example is from Ivana Molinari Schwab, a Swiss artist who has studied with Kathleen Dustin and Louise Fischer Cozzi and others.

Ivana brings her own emerging voice to experiments such as these Dustin-influenced brooches. She communicates a twist and a laugh in her "color" series. This makes me want to see what’s next and to hear the rest of this promising artist’s story.

How did it happen that the "purple pill" or the "blue pill" came to identify specific medicines that we all recognize? The New Yorker magazine features an interesting article on color in this week’s issue. The power of color certainly has infiltrated our culture.

Chili Pepper was selected by Pantone as the color of the year for 2007. They describe it as, "A bold hue that catches the eye and projects confidence, sophistication and engages our senses. We’re seeing shifts in people’s opinions on current events and major changes in the way they are expressing themselves through new technology. People are open to the possibilities of the future and Chili Pepper celebrates that."

  • reply laure ,

    Very nice !!! I discover a lot of amazing things here !!!

    • reply jacqueline stratton ,

      I’m very disappointed in the things you choose to show on the website. The lion’s share of days it is jewelry that is demonstrated. That does not do justice to the versatility of polymer clay.

      • reply Didier ,

        You’re totally right, Ivana is a real artist and a charming person too. It’s a pretty good idea to keep an eye on her work.
        As a matter of fact, she was the subject of my post two days ago. Sure there is something in the air connecting the moods over the seas !

        Best regards,

        • reply Ivana ,

          I am touched by your kind words and deeply honored! Especially beacause you are giving an opportunity to European-Artists to be known, as here in Europe polymer clay is not so popular as in the states and it’s much more difficile to share our passion with others.
          Thank you very much !

          • reply Mariane S. ,

            The “coulorfull” serie is absolutly spectacular !! Thank you to share this with us !! And she’s french !!!! YES 🙂 !

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