We sometimes focus only on the safe and ornamental side of polymer clay art. The Extreme Craft blog often looks at more raw and edgy works where we found Canadian artist Shary Boyle.

Boyle uses the "dainty" arts to amplify her own themes of sexuality, transgression, and secret and disturbing worlds that lie beneath the surface. She’s recently moved beyond her porcelain figures into the world of polymer clay, which allows her more spontaneity. Critical, enchanting and at times humorous, Boyle’s work is raw with human vulnerability and dysfunction.

She lives and works in Toronto, spreading her talents between drawing, painting, making projections for musicians like Bonnie Prince Billy and Sonic Youth.

A solo show featuring seven years of Shary’s miniatures will be shown at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery. Read more about her art in this "Broken Pencil" article. Have an exciting weekend.

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