Here’s a lovely piece by California’s Julie Picarello. The piece hints at Julie’s earlier 20-year career designing integrated circuits with computer-aided design tools. Her unusual use of watch parts is intriguing and her color palettes are inviting. Take a peek. Thanks to "River" for the link.

  • reply Julie ,

    What a beautiful use of her imagination, skill and materials! Thanks!

    • reply stephanie ,

      the colors are great, i loved every thing on this site! talent, talent talent!!!!! steph

      • reply Jana Roberts Benzon ,

        What beautiful work Julie does! Her color sense is right on the money and the designs are captivating…thanks for introducing us to another very talented artist..

        • reply River ,


          So beautiful, thanks for picking my pick !


          • reply Linda ,

            I was just about to write you to tell you about Julie and her beautiful mokume gane. She makes the most gorgeous Hearts for Heroes using this technique….lovely, lovely work and person!

            • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

              When the right colors come together with the technique that seems to make them even ‘more’….

              … that is Art.

              • reply Julie Picarello ,

                Cynthia, thanks for making my day…I feel honored to be included on PCD! To all the others who have left comments here or sent separate email, I really appreciate your kind words and support!
                Happy Claying,
                – Julie

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