Robyn Gordon’s vibrant polymer clay works depict forms in the Australian coastal and marine habitat. Her works are widely collected and shown. She says of her work:

My jewellery works often have elements of fantasy and the unexpected – bold additions to the body, an outward expression of the personality of the wearer. I like my works to sit well on the body, to be comfortable, to elicit responses from the viewer/observer – the walls of the body become a walking gallery.

The work on Gordon’s site spans 25 years and will take you some time to read through. I’m surprised that it’s taken us so long to discover this prolific artist. The link came to us via a French connection, Catherine Verdière. Thanks!

  • reply Melanie West ,

    WOW! That’s a site worth visiting again and again! Her organic forms are fantastic, and her use of various media with polymer is inspiring. Thanks for sharing Gorden’s site!

    • reply Susan Lomuto Rose ,

      She’s been hiding down under! What a wonderful find Cynthia. I think her website might be the largest single gallery of polymer clay art available on the web today. I was struck by the fact that most of us on this side of the world working with polymer clay have never seen Gordon’s work, yet many of her early pieces (1986 Nudibranchs) bring to mind today’s ‘new’ styles and techniques. My favorite? Her 2005 Wrapt jewelry – the shapes, the colors, the composition. Yes.

      • reply Christine Ranta ,

        Amazing that she escaped notice for so long.

        What really impresses my about her work is its timelessness. I clicked on several pieces I admired and found out that they were made 10-20 years ago. And I got some great inspiration.


        • reply Nadja ,

          Wow! Thank you for that find!
          It looks like she had lots and lots of fun creating those pieces! I love the diversity of the materials she uses, the craftsmenship, the fantasy and imagination and as someone mentioned before the timelessness of those pieces: what a great artist!


          • reply Camille Young ,

            Wow, what beautiful and inspiring work! Thank you so much for the find 🙂

            • reply Sera ,

              I live in the same city as this woman – and have never even heard of her amazing work!
              Thankyou HEAPS for sharing this beauty.

              • reply French Obama by Perrin at Polymer Clay Daily ,

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