French Obama by Perrin

How did I miss this wonderful polymer clay Obama by France’s Sylvie Perrin? A cruise through her blog will have you amazed and laughing out loud. Her web site is today’s pick-me-up.

Speaking of smiles and pick-me-ups, have you seen the teapots on the latest Polymer Art Archive post? The teapot bodies were formed around sand-filled fabric bags. Rebecca Mazur created these delights in 1998!

Those of you who are captivated by today’s organics and undersea designs will want to look at what Australia’s Robyn Gordon was coming up with in polymer clay in 1981! Here’s our first post about her.

Tuesday is a good day for tidying loose ends and boning up on your polymer clay history.

  • reply Kim Cavender ,

    Sylvie’s Obama is wonderful! And I love Rebecca’s work. The sandbags are such a clever idea. I’m totally blown away by Robyn’s artwork. It makes me weep with joy to see all of those amazing testures and shapes. Thanks for making my day, Cynthia!

    • reply queenofclay ( Sylvie ) ,

      Thank you for the link Cynthia !
      With such anthousiastic reactions I feel I need to post more often on my blog…. 😉

      • reply Sarah ,

        I think you should sent this to Mr. President. He would love it as we all do

        • reply Sandra ,

          Obama looks realistic.

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