I wrote to Ohio artist James Lehman whose work we looked at over a year ago to see if he had some new polymer clay work. He wrote back to say that he is currently focused on laser/computer work. His laser work looks very much like his polymer and I thought you might enjoy the comparison.

Polymer clay art attracts a fair number of computer programmers, graphic artists, medical researchers, botanists, biologists, physicians and other scientists who love to touch the colors and translate the patterns they see in the lab into three dimensional art.

Thanks to Jo-Anne Bartley who prompted the follow-up.

  • reply Elaine ,

    I noticed that too – a lot of clay folk seem to be at least partially technical in background, myself included.

    I have to admit that I LIKE that clay responds well to meticulousness and precision. And that there is still so much open in it that you have the chance to make a hypothesis and then experiment all the time.

    • reply Diana ,

      I love Mr. Lehman’s work. I was wondering where he had disappeared to… clay website hasn’t been updated in awhile. Thanks for answering my question.

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