Wisconsin’s Laura Timmins has updated her web site and added some new polymer clay pieces. She has perfected the biconal swirl bead and her use of 66-strand hand-twisted cording embedded in the clay adds a finishing touch. Scroll down on this page to see a great picture of her process.

The abundance of biconals in her multi-strand Noyoko necklace with solid black biconal spacers makes a sumptuous presentation. Laura is one of those former research scientists (see yesterday’s post) drawn to clay by its ability to repeat patterns. Have a grand weekend.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Laura Timmins’ work is just stunning! I’m usually not a biconal swirl fan, but I think Laura just might convert me! Yow! Thanks for sharing the link, Cynthia

    • reply Barbara Fajardo ,

      Cynthia, Thank you for featuring Laura’s incredible work. I don’t think she spends much time on-line so perhaps I will send her a message about your post. Have a great weekend yourself!

      • reply Lori G. ,

        Ahhhh. You make me miss polymer clay. Beautiful beads and great bracelet design!

        • reply sari0009 ,

          Stunning is the word. 🙂

          • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

            Sumptuous work! Love the colors, love the attention to detail, love the choices of how to finish those lovely polymer clay pieces.

            • reply Trina Williams ,

              Great to see Laura’s work. I own some of her first swirl beads in a bracelet, ear rings and pendant I bought at Ravensdale ’98. I think she was the original inventor of the then called Tsunami beads.

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