I intended to do some serious web research this weekend. Instead I found this one wonderful polymer clay experiment by a young graphic designer, Patricia Zapata of Texas, which led me on a very wild goose chase.

Patricia usually uses her handcut linoleum blocks to print on linen or paper. On a whim, she printed on polymer with these results. I’m sure hoping she continues.

I followed Patricia’s trail to iliketotallyloveit.com which is, like, totally addictive. And somehow from there I ended up spending hours turning all my friends and family (and myself) into South Park characters…also addictive. There goes the weekend. Happy Monday.

  • reply Patricia ,

    Thank you for your kind words Cynthia!

    • reply Elaine ,

      There was this neato new banner (future layout?) for the wordpress earlier when I checked. If you run into bugs and need some techie help, I may be up to it!

      And now off to South Park-ify everyone I know…

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