St. Patrick’s Day

Christelle van Lingen, born and raised in South Africa and now living in Ohio, has named her newly developed polymer clay technique "ruffle beads" and is working to refine this popular design.

She’s added a few new examples on her site and even combined it with PMC petals and findings.

Christelle found her inspiration in Yuka Salto’s work featured on Polymer Clay Notes. What a lucky find and a terrific adaptation.

A bit of the green for St. Patrick’s Day. Have a lucky weekend.

  • reply Kim Cavender ,

    Christelle’s work is beautiful and she has such a unique style. I love these new beads.

    Congratulations Christelle!

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      Me too — SOOO pretty! It’s nice to see a shape that is a little different, and that so nicely uses polymer clay’s unique qualities!

      • reply Barbara Fajardo ,

        These are just lovely…I told Christelle how wonderful these were when I first saw them, but it’s definitely worth mentioning again!

        • reply Tina T. ,

          Christelle has a style all her own!

          Way to go Christelle!! :0) Your work is always inspirational! Keep up the good work!

          ~Tina T.

          • reply Jeanette Kandray ,

            I was fortunate enough to meet Christelle at the Buckeye Bash and see her beautiful beads up close. They are just beautiful and so unique.


            • reply Marla Frankenberg ,

              I met Christelle last month at the Columbus/Dayton retreat & got to talk to her briefly. She’s fun! Lots of enthusiasm!

              The ruffle beads — you just have to touch them. They look as if they should float, they seem so airy. It’s almost a surprise that they have any bit of weight to them at all. Just lovely!

              • reply Mariane S. ,

                So pure, so fine, so delicate !!! I love Christelle’s work !! Why USA is so far away from France 🙂 !!!!!! It is unfair that we are not able to meet american’s artists … May be one day a big american meeting in our country !

                • reply Donna Johnson ,

                  I have been a fan of Christelle’s work for some time now, and am just in awe of how she has been growing artistically by leaps and bounds. Someday I will meet her in person – but until then, I will enjoy her company in the beads/jewelry egroup we are in together…

                  • reply Jackie ,

                    So awesome! I hope to be half as good as she is some day 🙂


                    • reply Xana ,

                      wonderful work!!!

                      • reply Ilse ,

                        Christelle is a wonderful artist and I’m proud to be her sister!

                        • reply Janine (Ozz) ,

                          WOW! Everytime I look at Christelle’s beads I’m dumbfounded with her creativity and special talent. I think I appreciate her work even more because I ‘m the one sister with hardly any creativity!! Wonderful work, Ousus

                          • reply Ruffled Monday ,

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