Oregon’s Dede Leupold doesn’t google well and I have only these pictures for you to enjoy today…no links to chase. I wish I could show you more of her fine polymer clay kaleidoscopic canes.

Dede’s precision, her colors (mostly blues) and her fine silver work combine into the most amazing delicate pieces. She often works in blue and white Delft colors and makes beautiful buttons.

These kaleidoscope caners are a reclusive bunch. Come back tomorrow to see who I’ve been able to roust.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Oh Cynthia! You are soooo inspiring me to put down my surface treatment work and pick up caning again! My muse is tickled pink (or should I say blue?) Lol!

    • reply Barb ,

      Very, VERY beautiful work!! This gal needs a website!

      • reply winterdreamdragon ,

        I found reference to DeDe Leupold in the B&B 2001 index, issue 45 (think that is June or August 2001)..I’m at work so don’t have a way to look and see. Might be more info on her in there.

        • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

          DeDe was featured as a winner for the 1998 Embellishment and 2001 Bead Dreams shows for Bead & Button. The 1998 issue of B&B said she started a bead business Bumblebeads, as a home schooling project for her children. No reference to this on the ‘net – bumblebeads.com is a bead pattern site. This is truly a mystery. Her 1998 beads were called Ode to Spode and are just lovely.

          • reply Kellie Robinson ,

            DeDe’s beads are lovely. She has a sister that lives up here in AK, and has been in to the bead shop I work at in the past, selling us her fabulous beads. they are flawless, and I am lucky to have a few in my collection. I wish she did have a web addie, I would love to add more to the collection! of the beads I have seen of hers, she doesn’t make them shiney. they are obviously well sanded, but left with a wonderful satin finish, which I think shows off the details in her very detailed canework.

            • reply Carol ,

              I agree that Dede’s beads are absolutely flawless, and her color sense is magnificent! These pictures don’t do them justice. Although Dede hasn’t been doing many shows in recent years, she has continued to make a limited number of beads each year. You practically have to run into her to get to see them, though. Luckily for me, I’ve done just that and I’ve been able to acquire some new ones for my collection.

              • reply Dede Leupold ,

                Thanks for the kudos! Mabe someday I will have a website. At this time I’m not producing much work but I think about it all the time and have a portfolio of drawings that I want to put into clay. You can reach me at bumblebeads@hotmail.com

                • reply Polymer Clay Daily » Leupold’s Collaborative Winner ,

                  […] Start your week with the knowledge that polymer clay can be so much more than humble plastic. In the hands of a master of color and pattern like Dede (no site but you can see some of her earlier works here or contact Dede), polymer clay adds excitement and new beauty to traditional materials. […]

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