Colorado’s Shane Smith creates and combines kaleodoscopic in a slightly different way shown here. You can see some additional samples.

I think of Sarah Shriver as the mother of this technique (not so sure she’d like that designation) and she has a DVD on the technique that’s not to be missed.

Then there’s Jana Roberts Benzon who wraps and bends the slices into 3-D constructions. And Karen Lewis (Klew) and many more. Each of these artists works in a slightly different way with distinctive results.

At one gathering there were so many artists who build these intricate canes that constructing objects with the cane slices became a team sport resulting in fantasy creatures like the ones shown here.

  • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

    Shane’s work is lovely, but looking at her eBay sold list, it is WAY underpriced. $3 for earrings? C’mon girl, raise those prices!

    Jana and Klew – well, they are masters along with Sarah Shriver. In researching yesterday’s artist, I came across a 1998 Embellishment winning entry by Sarah and it was so impressive and such a good representation of her work and the direction she was in. Truly a pioneer.

    • reply Trina Williams ,

      We know from looking through a kaleidescope ( and I have two of Dottys and one of my own) that there are hundreds of combinations. To be able to replicate those kinds of images in clay is truly amazing. And each of these artists does it in her own way. I guess there are no more Shanes Angels. But now I have to go check out Shanes E-bay listings!!

      • reply jana roberts benzon ,

        Wow…thanks for the morning thrill, Cynthia! I’m so flattered to be mentioned with such notables as Sarah, Klew and Shane. Thank you….I’ll be smiling the rest of the day…

        • reply A.Grinius ,

          Very nicely designed kaleidoscope cane…. it never ceases to amaze me how poeple manage to make this design their own………..a little frustrating though as the link to Ebay showed that she had no work there…..did it all sell in a heartbeat?????

          • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

            It’s amazing to look through the variety of work that seems to have the same lineage (kaleidscopes) and yet with each artist it all has it’s own flavors and delights. Gorgeous art, all of it.

            And a great demonstration of how ‘similar’ can be so different in the hands of an artist that makes it her/his own.


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