Olga Ayala grew up in New York’s Spanish Harlem. With its pulsating rhythms, spicy aromas, and the diverse make-up of its inhabitants, Spanish Harlem inspired Olga and her best works reflect the culture around her. Her dancers and drummers are filled with a remarkable sense of movement.

Olga’s been working in polymer clay since 1997, teaching herself techniques gleaned from books.

The best place to see Olga’s work is on her MySpace page which is as noisy and energetic as her work. It’s fun to look at some of her sculptures in progress.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Muy, muy bello, Olga! Tanto energía y vida!

    And many thanks (once again) to you, Cynthia, for digging up some lovely gold!

    • reply Joan Israel ,

      Your work is wonderful and I hope to see more.

      • reply Michelle ,

        Wow! Exquisite work with a glorious feeling of passion. Thanks for sharing it, Cynthia.

        • reply universcrea ,

          Its very beautiful !
          [sorry i’m french and i dont speak english]

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