A bit of fun and frivolity for Friday! This is NYC’s Amber Dawn who put together a "charm swap" with her polymer clay pals as well as some beaders and collagers.

The results are fabulous frippery. It almost makes me want to be in a swap (until I remember how my stomach feels the night before the work is due).

Have a frivolous weekend. I’m off to my son’s final graduate art show. Life is good.

  • reply Judy Belcher ,

    I LOVE BLOGS!!! Thanks again Cynthia for such an wonderful journey this morning. Amber’s blog took me to a quilter’s blog and a painter’s blog that I just spent the last hour enjoying! Woo Hoo! a great begining to the day!

    • reply Cluny Grey ,

      Great eye candy! Love what I see! Cluny

      • reply Amber Dawn ,

        Come on, join a charm swap!!!
        They are FUN, and the group is very strict (OK *I* am very strict) about sending GOOD quality art.

        We will have a small group swap in the summer if you would like to join!
        Thanks for listing me under Frippery!
        Amber Dawn

        • reply Sera Pinwill ,

          Wow – I thought I’d finally made it to polymerclay daily – my Etsy business name is The Fabulous Frippist (and was Fabulous Frippery until a week ago!) – but sadly, alas – not yet 🙂 Still, I got to admire the wonderful work of Amber, who is definitely a talented artist and one to watch.
          Sera Pinwill

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