Ronna Weltman’s "Cave Girl" polymer clay necklace didn’t get chosen in a competition she entered and she’s bummed. PolymerClayDaily is happy to serve as the consolation prize. Perhaps it’s my fine photoshop skills that show them off to better advantage.

I love the construction, the wobbly green disks and the name cracks me up. Very Flintstone. One person’s "also-ran" is another’s first rate. Go visit Ronna and cheer her up.

Note: The comments will show you that Ronna’s not really that thin-skinned and she surely doesn’t wish to be seen as a sore loser. She had the necklaces, the pictures so why not make the best of it and share?

  • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

    Those are really great – Ronna should not be upset. They took close to 600 entries and had to narrow it down to 80, not an easy task! The fact that she even entered the competition, let alone more than once, is a feat worth celebrating. Most of us never even get that far!

    Plus, Ronna has a great article published in Step by Step this month and many other feathers in her cap. This is just a bump in the road, not a setback!

    • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

      HI all. I was kidding about being bummed — I’ve been a winner before and am very happy to share the limelight with other artists whose work ought to be recognized. And anyone visiting my site will see that my work is v-e-r-y primitive, so I knew it was a longshot when I entered these pieces.

      I LOVE the Bead Dreams Competition, and am grateful to them for offering the contest. It’s all about sharing our work — in fact, I suggested an also-rans site not to nurse our wounds, but rather to celebrate all the wonderful pieces that deserve recognition. I have no doubt the Bead Dreams judges had difficulty picking winners among so many wonderful entries. Hats off to them for supporting polymer clay art to wear.

      • reply Wandy ,

        Well I chose Ronna this week as artist of the week,on my blog, I just love her work. She’s on my favorites list 🙂

        • reply Melanie West ,

          I LOVE Ronna’s work! And it’s good to hear her skin is thick enough not to really be bummed. 😉 Ronna is a great example of the kind of attitude one has to have if you want to get your work out into the world. And you’re absolutely right, Cynthia, “One person’s “also-ran” is another’s first rate” If it wasn’t like that, this world would be a very boring place to live!

          Viva la differance!!

          • reply Judy Dunn ,

            Perhaps you can turn lemons into lemonade, Ronna. After having my fish necklace rejected in last year’s competition, I submitted it to Belle Armoire Jewelry, and I ended up with an article. Runner ups might just need a different place to shine!
            The work is great, and should just find a new home to get the broad exposure it needs and deserves.

            • reply Barb Fajardo ,

              Absolutely right Judy…I was accepted into Bead Dreams this year and a necklace didn’t make it into Belle Armoire Jewelry. ‘Tis a crap shoot…*g*

              • reply jana roberts benzon ,

                I think the necklace is very cool, Ronna….all of your work is incredibly beautiful. Plus, I noticed this morning that, on a French website, you have been voted by one of the readers as ‘the best’ polymer clay jewelry artist out there……Bravo! Now that’s what I call ‘winning’ ;-)….a vote from your peers…..


                • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

                  You guys are making my head swell. Wandy, what fun that you put me on your blog. I would have missed it had this not happened. Thank you!

                  And I just love Cynthia’s title for today’s post: Wanna Beads (for our foreign friends reading this, a slang term for someone who is hoping to attain fame/distinction is a “wanna be” which is a version of “want to be” (as in someone who plays guitar in their garage and dreams of being a rock star is a “wanna be musician.”) So I love the idea of Wanna Beads, where artists — established and emerging — can share their creations. Wouldn’t that be fun?

                  • reply Loretta Lam ,

                    Girl – I told you they were wonderful!! xxx ooo L

                    • reply sari0009 ,

                      I like!

                      • reply Merrie ,

                        Ronna I just adore that necklace. It is beautiful.


                        • reply Shuli ,

                          I loved the necklace!! It is simple, “clean” and beautiful. Bravo!!

                          • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

                            Oh, what fun! There’s something about the solidity of the clay, yet the airieness of the way it was assembled.

                            And that lead me to Ronna’s site, where I ambled through and just grinned with delight. The words exuberance, unrestrained, free, playful, earthy, real, alluring, unique, among others, come to mind.

                            LOVE the work!

                            • reply Julie Picarello ,

                              Ronna’s combination of mediums and her quirky, ethnic designs put her way up high on my “like-o-meter”. If it’s true that jewelry should make a statment…Ronna’s are all saying “come out and play with me”!!!

                              • reply Sera Pinwill ,

                                Hey Ronna,

                                I love the necklace! I can see it around Pebbles Flintstone’s neck as she boogies all night at the Prehistoric Cafe 😉

                                Seriously – your work is divine. I love your earthy tones and rich pallettes. Keep it up.


                                • reply Laurie Mika ,

                                  I love your work! I had seen it awhile ago while out surfing….and just love everything about it, but I am esp. fond of those cool little lampwork looking beads…..just beautfiul….you’re a winner in my book! Keep up the great stuff,

                                  • reply stef ,

                                    très très chouette!! “just beautiful”!!

                                    • reply Terry Thompson ,

                                      I love the necklace. Its simple yet elegant in its own way. I’m constantly amazed at how the clay can be formed into all the numerous shapes and colors. Brava.

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