It’s nearly time for the annual conference at Shrine Mont (see my 2003 pictures). And instead of concentrating on what polymer clay work I’ll do, I’ve been searching for a pair of shoes to paint because Michigan wild woman Jean Comport (and Shrine Mont co-coordinator) is bringing her shoe painting supplies.

Some of the western contingent have been looking for reassurance that they can survive in the wilds of Virginia. Can they make it up and down the hills in clogs? Are the snakes poisonous? I’m usually the easterner nervous about traveling west so it’s nice to have the clog on the other foot.

To Do – One more thing on the list. NPCG has made it very easy to submit a demo proposal for next February’s Synergy Conference in Baltimore (with the ACC show). The form is easy and online….and due May 15. Get busy and have a fabulous weekend.

  • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

    Thank you for the Synergy mention, Cynthia! It is appreciated.

    Have a great time in VA with everyone – wish I could have made it this year, but alas I’ll have to meet up with everyone in Baltimore next February!

    • reply Melanie West ,

      I adore Jean’s Funky Friends! Thanks, Cynthia, for reminding me of those wacky delightful characters. (I also adore those chocolate covered espresso beans she brought to Shrinemont last year. Hee hee!) The PC Goddesses have allowed me to come to Shrinemont again this year, and I’m thinking I’ll try painting a pair of gardening clogs – don’t know if they’ll work, but they’re a lot cheaper than leather ones.

      The wilds of Virginia?! Northwesterners should try coming up to the Maine woods between Mothers Day and Fathers Day – what we call Black Fly season! *shiver* I’m soooo looking forward to coming down to the tame wilds of Virginia to escape those blood sucking beasts for a week! *double shiver* Lol!

      • reply myra katz ,

        Currently the Avenue dress shop has a folding ballet flat (in a bag-no less).. right off both seemed paintable to me. There were a few colors. Originally I wanted several just so I could paint differently. About $25 I think.

        • reply Kim Cavender ,

          Purple Jean is the Queen of All Things Funky!

          • reply Kathy Weinberg ,

            Have fun at Shrinemont. Jean’s shoe painting is great. There were many funky shoes painted at the recent MDPAG retreat.

            • reply Polka Dot Creations » Blog Archive » Loony Shoes ,

              […] Painted shoes were mentioned on Polymer Clay Daily today, and it reminded me… have I ever shown you my funky sneakers? I made them last fall, when it was getting too cold to wear my fuzzy flip-flops, but I was still in the mood to have some fun on my feet. […]

              • reply Polka Dot Cottage Loony Shoes ,

                […] shoes were mentioned on Polymer Clay Daily today, and it reminded me… have I ever shown you my funky sneakers? I made them last fall, […]

                • reply Alice Jenks ,

                  I was lucky enough to paint shoes with Jean at a Detroit Retreat a few years ago. I painted my Anywear pvc garden clogs with regular acrylic paint and it all peeled off. I then discovered that the English acrylic Stewart Gill does work well. It is a bit more expensive than others, but comes in wonderful colors. I also put a layer of clear acrylic varnish over the top, and that helped too. I have had a lot of fun wearing them. I have one red-orange-yellow (trimmed with a gold marker) and one green-blue-violet (trimmed with a silver marker). Actually I have two of the green-blue-violet ones so that they can be an almost matched pair. The second one is trimmed with gold. You may not know that life is too short for matching shoes, socks or earrings, but it is.

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