Today’s polymer clay quilter is Jennifer Patterson from Minnesota. Jennifer’s designs are meticulous reproductions of traditional quilt patterns.

For example, this polymer clay pin replicates an Underground Railroad Sampler and shows how slaves used the quilt block patterns as code to help navigate their escape.

Jennifer is currently working on the designs of Ruby McKim, a top quilt designer of the 1920s and 1930s. McKim’s family has allowed Jennifer to recreate the patterns in polymer clay. I particularly like the way Jennifer has stamped some of the quilt pieces to suggest stitching.

Cat Thieren says, "Jen is one of the few clay artists who earns her family’s entire income from her clay. She has been working with clay for over 15 years. Sometimes they have two booths, at two different shows, in different parts of the country. This family business runs successfully and Jen is too modest to toot her own horn about it!"

  • reply Elaine ,

    Jenny is one of the hardest working people I have EVER met. It’s a little scary. She also teaches about the business of clay in an informal, learn by watching way.

    For anyone with aspirations to making your living doing clay spend a few months of evenings watch Jenny work part of her 12 hour days. It’s eye opening.

    • reply jana roberts benzon ,

      I purchased one of Jenny’s “Underground Railroad” peices, and it is exquisite! Her work is so inspiring, and meticulous..

      • reply Terry Thompson ,

        Jenny’s work is fantastic and her use of colors is mind boggling. I’ve learned so much from her watching her create her canes. Her canes just make you want to reach through your monitor to touch.

        • reply Jenny Patterson ,

          What a Thrill to be included on this site!! And contrary to what Elaine, Terry and Cat think, I really DO take days off once in a while!

          Thank you for all the nice compliments
          Jenny P

          • reply Carolyn ,

            Jenny is not only one of the most talented and hard working polymer artists I know but also one of the most generous. I have learned so much from watching her work and speaking to her online. I got one of last years Christmas ornaments and it is more stunning in person!

            • reply Kathy Weaver ,

              Jenny has amazed me with her work since I first started doing clay. She is a wonderful artist. I am a ‘caner’ at heart. I could look at Jenny’s work for hours and hours.

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