Missouri’s Shane Vorhaben is a prolific artist who draws obsessively detailed creations on paper. Occasionally he ventures into polymer clay. The translation of his distinctive drawings into sculptures makes for exciting and unusual artwork. His originality is inspiring.

Many thanks to Kim Cavender for bringing us this new vision.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Shane’s illustrations – both the 2D and 3D – are just a delight! A very talented artist indeed! Thanks to Kim for passing on Shane’s web site, and thanks to Cynthia for sharing it with us. 😀

    • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

      These just make me feel childlike delighted every time I see them! They make me think of Picasso. All of his work is just as charming. Unique. Just plain GOOD. The sizes, the colors, the textures.. all of it. Just so great.

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