It’s late and I’m in a mad dash to bring you some mid-week polymer clay inspiration. Who can I count on? Indiana’s Ponsawan Sila!

If you want a bit of Thai culture and family history served with great quick photo tutorials, her site won’t disappoint. I’m loving the ice cream salt beads on this page. She does lovely, unusual things with texture plates and rubber stamps.

Ponsawan saves the day. Read her text and you’ll see the delightful personality that comes through in her art and her web site.

  • reply Kim Cavender ,

    Ponsawan is a master at taking basic and established techniques and putting her own unique spin on them. Her work is always fresh and fun!

    • reply Ponsawan ,

      Cynthia, I’m glad to be your late night snack (or inspiration). I usually go for my favorite, coffee ice cream. 🙂

      • reply Scott ,

        How lucky are we to have Ponsawan share her talent and ideas, Her blog is filled with color and inspiration. I enjoy reading the easy to follow tutorials and learning about Thai culture. She is truly a “Creative” soul!

        • reply Jackie ,

          You are right, Cynthia, when you mention Ponsawan’s great personality! She is truly a wonderful light in this world, and I adore her. Not to speak of her endlessly creative ideas! Ponsawan, you’re a gem in your own right.

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