It’s June and I went in search of summer colors and sea creatures like this polymer clay anemone. A visit to Libby Mills sites gave me the jolt of color and design that I needed.

Her blog site is coming along nicely and she has some terrific insights on the artistic life. Be prepared to spend some time surfing her links.

Perhaps the most inspirational bit on Libby’s site was the tour of her studio and her tales of sharing it with friends for classes and meetings. Big, light, well organized…simply dreamy.

  • reply Judy Dunn ,

    Libby has a style and a voice that is her own. She is doing some very cool things with the Sculpey Ultralight. She has been experimenting and finding out all sorts of things about this new clay. Maybe a class is on the way??

    • reply Kim Cavender ,

      Beautiful work Libby! I especially love the anemone pin.

      • reply Libby Mills ,

        Wow thanks!

        The studio was the product of 2 moves in less than a year. I got to really think about how I wanted the space to work and I am really happy with how it turned out. It is especially great to share the space with friends.

        • reply Lindly Haunani ,

          I was just going to take a “peek” at Libby’s blog…one hour later, I am still enchanted by the evolution of an incredibly talented, insightful and generous artist. I’ve bookmarked the site and plan to revisit often. Thank you.

          • reply Marla Frankenberg ,

            The shapes of those pins are really appealing, very playful. It’s lovely work.

            • reply Susan Lomuto ,

              Lindly was correct to describe Libby as generous. I have contacted her more than once with technical questions and her responses have always been comprehensive and thoughtful. Her new work is exciting… the shapes, surface treatment, attention to detail and technique just keep getting better!

              • reply Keila Hernandez ,

                What fun! I always love finding a new site for my favorites list and Libby’s has become the latest addition! Thanks so much!

                • reply Barb Fajardo ,

                  I’ve always loved Libby’s work…it’s wonderful to see her featured here!

                  • reply Julie Picarello ,

                    Talk about coincidence…I just learned about Libby’s site today from some PCC correspondence, and I spent a very enjoyable time browsing through her galleries. Libby’s combinations of metal and polymer are enchanting (keep up with the metalsmithing!) but even before seeing all of her work I knew I would love it just by glancing at her home page. Lime Split Silver necklace…oh yummy!!

                    • reply Melanie West ,

                      Brava, Libby! Fantastic work! Wonderful forms, inspiring surface treatments, and I’m loving your use of metal with pc! I can’t wait to see where you go next.

                      But my really burning question is… how do you keep your studio so tidy?!?!? Lol!

                      • reply Jana Roberts Benzon ,

                        I’m going to try this again…tried posting a note the other day and it didn’t ‘take’….

                        Congrats, Libby on being featured. I’ve visited your website quite often lately and am SO impressed by your work, from color usage to craftsmanship to intriguing shapes and visuals. You go!

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