Here are some lovely baubles to get your week off on the right foot. Be sure to look at the large image of this polymer clay necklace on Julie Picarello’s Flickr site to appreciate the details.

Her use of the mokume gane process is masterful, relying on vibrant color rather than metal leaf for its accent.

Julie’s web site has some new pieces for your Monday morning viewing pleasure including some great mokume gane examples in her bead gallery. Many thanks to Gin Martin who sent the link.

  • reply Judy Belcher ,

    I am a huge fan of Julie’s work. Her design sense and use of hardware items is magical.

    • reply Loretta Lam ,

      Oh Julie! I love the Black orchid combination. Those colors are calling my name. beautiful.

      • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

        Beautiful work as always. I love Julie’s fresh approach to MG.

        • reply jana ,

          Julie’s work is so impressive….she’s one I’m keeping my eye on! Congratulations on being featured, Julie…you definitely deserve it.

          • reply Dan Cormier ,

            Congrats Julie! It’s great to see that you’re making such good use of your peeler. Great colours and surfaces! I look forward to seeing more.

            • reply Melanie West ,

              Excellent work, Julie! I am especially fond of your mokume gane – just amazing patterns and design – it’s clear you spend a lot of time thinking about the patterns and colors when you make them. You are a true inspiration!!! 🙂

              • reply Kathy Weaver ,

                WOW!!!!! Julie I am continually impressed. Beautiful work.

                • reply Sera Pinwill ,

                  The clay work is fabby – but so is the way she puts it all together. The blue and yellow necklace with the wire work is that much more impressive because it has the wow factor.


                  • reply Laurie Mika ,

                    Thanks for sharing the work of a very gifted artist. Her photos on her website are beautifully done too! I find that I am always checking in here these days! Love this site!

                    • reply Julie Picarello ,

                      Hey all! Many thanks for your comments…talk about a wonderful and supportive group of artists – clayers are the best!!

                      • reply Els Eerkens ,

                        As I have told you before, Julie: you are my hero, and your work is so impressive and lovely. Thank you!! Els.

                        • reply Pauline ,

                          Oh, this mokume gane is wonderful !
                          Thank you to make us talented people every day…

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